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Sound Designing and Style Making




I record acoustic instruments since 1992 for wavetable :  Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitars, Drum Kits, Accordions, WoodWinds, Brass and Percussions.

I develop auto-accompaniment styles since 1990 for arranger keyboards and sound modules.

I develop wavetable sounds library for Yamaha YEM Tool and Dream Chips Sam 3816  and Sam 5000 Sound Editor Tool.

Evento Suono Team

We are a team of talented musicians, sound designers and engineers.

We create digital musical instruments, synthesizers and keyboards.

We also help other companies build their own keyboards and arrangers

through consultancy and sound design.

Michele Mucciacito is our team leader and founder.



YAMAHA Voice&Style
Expansion Pack : Greetings from Italy 2
for Genos - S975 and S775

The “Greetings From Italy version 2” expansion pack is a musical post-card coming straight from the amazing Italian folk music tradition, spanning from Tammurriata, Quadriglia, Naples Rumba, Pizzica, Tarantella, Saltarello sound groove and styles to Italian Ballroom voices and styles (Walzer, Mazurka, Polka, Tango, Fox, Moderato and many others). Besides, the most famous Italian sound in the world: Opera Soprano voices (Strega del Bosco, Laura Solo, Maria Soprano, Dea Fortunae) are unique Solo Vocals inspired from themes and melodies of Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer soundtracks. Featuring a brand new palette of 28 high quality Voices including Sax (Alto and Tenor), Accordions, clean Rhythm Guitar and unique Solo Vocal voices along with 44 new Styles, Multipads, Registration Memories and 2 Opera Song (“La donna è mobile” and “Libiamo ne' lieti calici”), the “Greetings From Italy” expansion pack is a must-have for your Genos, PSR-S975 or PSR-S775.


Evento Suono

di Michele Mucciacito

VAT IT 01297280412

Strada per Pozzo 9

61010 Tavullia (PU)



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